Become an Investor
Become an Investor

Investor Relations Associate



The Investor Relations Associate will support the IR team through lead generation.  This entails responding to inquiries through LinkedIn, the DXD website, Twitter, and any other avenue.  The person will qualify leads and enter all applicable notes into our CRM, Juniper Square and send introductory materials or deal-specific items to the interested investor (i.e. webinar, equity memos, subscription links).  The person will also elevate particularly qualified leads to another senior member of the IR team to further vet and route appropriately.  When not qualifying leads, this role will support investor transactions and provide investor portal customer service for existing investors.


  • Monitor inbound leads lists on Hubspot and Juniper Square (CRM)
  • Solicit investor goals and interests to fill out prospect files in Juniper Square.
  • Send follow up emails that include more information on DXD Open Investments and introductory materials
  • Support the IR transactions team to assist investors in completing and executing paperwork to invest
  • Set up meetings with senior IR team members where applicable

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