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Self Storage Development. Driven by Data.


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Over the past 25 years, self storage has been the best performing real estate sector. The industry is expected to continue to outperform other asset classes due to higher storage utilization and increased demand. Using its unparalleled access to data and proprietary technology, we analyze development opportunities at an unprecedented scale, selecting only opportunities that outperform. 

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Self Storage Development

At DXD, our core team has over 200 years experience in the self storage industry, providing our investors with a wealth of knowledge directly applicable to our portfolio. Our self storage portfolio currently includes ground up developments in diversified markets across the nation, from Rhode Island to Hawaii, selected using proprietary tech tools and developed by the industry’s best.


Data Driven by Technology

DXD was created on the thesis that because self storage is a commodity, you can utilize data to make investment decisions on a much higher and more effective scale than you could other real estate classes. Our data driven approach provides us with a competitive advantage in the market, allowing us to make the best decisions and identify investments that will drive higher investor returns. 

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Self Storage Investment Opportunities

DXD utilizes data to evaluate development opportunities across the United States, searching for the highest demand/supply imbalances in markets that have high barriers to new development. Developing where it is challenging to obtain municipal approvals can keep oversupply in check.



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Our Investors

Hear directly from people who have invested in self storage with DXD Capital, because investors drive our mission and success.

What I have learned through my experience investing is the character of the people you work with is crucial, along with the operational chops to pull it off. Through the investment team at DXD I have discovered a class act of really smart people, who know how to put together an outlook (which is the easy part), but more importantly know how to deliver on the operational day to day execution of making deals come to life. That's why I choose to invest in DXD.
Tim Handren
DXD Investor
If you are looking to invest in something that is low risk, with some really good people, who deploy a great strategy - I would strongly suggest looking into investing in self storage with DXD.
Ken Barbe
DXD Investor
My interest in investing with DXD Capital, stemmed from association with Drew Dolan, Cory Sylvester, and Martha Hargrove. They are working to find the sweet spot in commercial real estate development, using their team and technology to identify self storage units in the best locations possible, that seem to thrive in adverse times. They have developed a very strong team, and the results early on are very promising. I am very optimistic they will continue to run a successful program.
Doug Brown
DXD Investor
My experience investing with DXD Capital has been very positive. The team has been very transparent, providing lots of great communication during the investment and development process. I am very happy with the speed at which DXD has begun to utilize capital. I have nothing negative to say and I am very confident these investments will come to fruition. If you are interested in exploring self storage investment, I highly recommend you connect with DXD.
Lori Woodcock
DXD Investor
I invest with DXD Capital because I know they are using cutting edge data technology to find the best opportunities and the most current information, while still keeping relationships at the forefront of their service. I feel confident because their team keeps in touch with frequent updates and current market trends.
Mandy Warr
DXD Investor

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